Copper Rod Technical Information

Product Literature

Product Literature

Along with some of its more common brass and bronze alloys, product literature for Mueller Brass Company’s copper alloys are available for download below. For more information on these and other alloys not listed, please contact Mueller Brass Company’s Customer Service at 800-553-3336.

For downloadable copies of MSDS Sheets, ISO Certifications, PED Certifications, and other information, please go to the Download Center of our website.


For the cost estimation of parts and components made from copper alloys, the unit weight of a particular diameter and shape of copper rod or bar is often an invaluable piece of information.

To help customers quickly determine the theoretical weight for its copper rods and bars, a simple calculator is provided below. Just enter the information in each of the specific fields to calculate the theoretical weight of a bar in the selected alloy.




Step 2: Choose Length and number of pieces:

(L) Length :

Number of pieces :

Chemical Composition Comparison Chart > Download PDF


Copper Development Association (CDA) - Properties of Wrought and Cast Copper Alloys

Copper Development Association

In addition to the literature on the alloys produced by Mueller Brass Company, another valuable resource is the Copper Development Association’s “Properties of Wrought and Cast Copper Alloys” database. From standard alloys like C36000 Free Cutting Brass to Newly developed alloys like Mueller Brass Company’s C27450 Lead Free Brass, CDA’s database is a comprehensive and searchable compilation of hundreds of wrought and cast copper alloys and their respective chemistries and properties. This resource is free to the public and can be accessed by clicking the following link: