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High Speed Machining of Brass

Mueller Brass Company, along with a select number of other companies, has actively worked with the Copper Development Association to break paradigms and expand the boundaries associated with machining brass. Expounding on the existing merits of brass, Mueller Brass is pleased to share with its customers one of the case studies demonstrating how high speed machining of brass material has helped a manufacturer become more competitive in their industry.

For more information on High Speed Machining, please visit the “High Speed Machining” Section of “Technical Information” Page of this website.

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To further complement its offering of standard and engineered alloys, Mueller Brass Company has developed EcoStream™, a family of alloys and products that are specifically designed to be:

COMPLIANT with national lead free requirements and legislation.
COMPETITIVE with other lead free alternative brass alloys.
COMPATIBLE with scrap generated with existing standard brass alloys.

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Mueller Brass Company's Green Drop: 27450 Lead Free Brass and its other low lead alloys are specifically engineered for products and components requiring compliance to lead-free and low lead requirements for potable water and PEX applications. Available in rod, bar or forgings, Mueller Brass Company's EcoStream™ family of products provides a number of viable solutions for lead free compliance and dezincification requirements.