The Forging Process

The Forging Process
The customer was trying to avoid a large capital investment caused by growing volume which put a strain on machine capacity.
Reduce the time spent machining by offering a nonferrous forging with net contours and flats.
Once the design is created, run a computer simulation to verify metal flow with “lap” detection to show any hidden defects prior to tool design. Also review tool stresses to ensure part can be forged with repeatedly without excessive wear to the forging and trimming dies.
Aluminum Forging design, price, and lead time presented to the customer. Further suggestions were discussed and a collaborative design was implemented.
The best forging design was created. Features that benefited both processes of machining and forging were agreed upon.
A dramatic increase in parts per hour prevented a costly investment in an additional CNC mill along with a 40% reduction in raw material resulted in lower overall cost.